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DIY T-Shirt Refashion

So, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted on here.  The month of May has been incredibly busy.  The first week and a half of the month were taken up by finals (so much stress packed into such a short period of time).  Now that the school year is over, I’m officially halfway done with college.  I’m just starting to realize just how short college is.  4 years?  That’s all we get?  It’s really not long at all, and it’s flying by.

Well, anyway, after finals were over, I moved back home for about a week and a half to catch up on sleep and then came back to school, where I’ll be taking class over the summer.  Class hasn’t started yet, but I’ve been busy enough getting my summer apartment all situated and unpacked (as well as figuring out how to feed myself without a meal plan for the first time).

Anyway, now that I’m finally caught up on a semester’s worth of sleep deprivation and (mostly) set up in the new apartment, I figured I’d do a bit of crafting.  I got this shirt at a thrift store for $1.50 and decided to make it into a new tank for the summer.  I followed this tutorial (loosely).  Here it is!

Materials:  old t-shirt, scissors, needle and thread


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Colorful Braided Bracelet

Somehow, crafting always manages to cheer me up.  There’s something incredibly calming about making something and  sometimes, you end up with a pretty cool finished product.  I also am a bit of a bracelet fanatic (i am currently wearing 9 bracelets and my wrists feel naked).  Combining my need for a mental break and my love for bracelets, I decided to share a how-to on one of my favorite bracelets to make.

This is a really, really simple DIY for a braided hemp and embroidery thread bracelet.  It should take about 15-20 minutes max… short and sweet.

Materials:  Hemp Cord, Embroidery Floss, Scissors, Safety Pin

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