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DIY T-Shirt Refashion

So, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted on here.  The month of May has been incredibly busy.  The first week and a half of the month were taken up by finals (so much stress packed into such a short period of time).  Now that the school year is over, I’m officially halfway done with college.  I’m just starting to realize just how short college is.  4 years?  That’s all we get?  It’s really not long at all, and it’s flying by.

Well, anyway, after finals were over, I moved back home for about a week and a half to catch up on sleep and then came back to school, where I’ll be taking class over the summer.  Class hasn’t started yet, but I’ve been busy enough getting my summer apartment all situated and unpacked (as well as figuring out how to feed myself without a meal plan for the first time).

Anyway, now that I’m finally caught up on a semester’s worth of sleep deprivation and (mostly) set up in the new apartment, I figured I’d do a bit of crafting.  I got this shirt at a thrift store for $1.50 and decided to make it into a new tank for the summer.  I followed this tutorial (loosely).  Here it is!

Materials:  old t-shirt, scissors, needle and thread


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Colorful Braided Bracelet

Somehow, crafting always manages to cheer me up.  There’s something incredibly calming about making something and  sometimes, you end up with a pretty cool finished product.  I also am a bit of a bracelet fanatic (i am currently wearing 9 bracelets and my wrists feel naked).  Combining my need for a mental break and my love for bracelets, I decided to share a how-to on one of my favorite bracelets to make.

This is a really, really simple DIY for a braided hemp and embroidery thread bracelet.  It should take about 15-20 minutes max… short and sweet.

Materials:  Hemp Cord, Embroidery Floss, Scissors, Safety Pin

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Lately, some really artistic and stylized typography has been popping up all over the internet.  I’ve seen examples on a Pinterest, Tumblr, and a few of my favorite blogs.  A few days ago, HonestlyWTF posted about a series of “Daily Dishonesty” images created by NYC graphic designer Lauren Hom.  They’re really cool, and I especially love the stylish, simple designs.  Here’s a few examples:

I also took a look through my quotes board on Pinterest and found a few of my favorite typographically focused quotes.

Inspired by all of these great examples, I started sketching.  I pretty much always have a notebook of some sort on me for writing/drawing/doodling.  It’s also a fantastic way to look like you’re paying attention in lecture when you’re actually not.  After sketching out a few words, I scanned it onto my computer and cleaned it up in photoshop.  I also added some color and a few little accents.  Mine is not nearly as good as those done by professionals, but I think it’s passable.  It was also pretty fun.  Guess I’ve found a new way to procrastinate!

Dyeing to be Seen

I’ve been fascinated with colorful hair for quite a while now.  For the longest time, the only people I ever saw with colored hair were punky teenagers or “scene” kids.  Even though I was never really part of that group, I was always secretly jealous of their rainbow hairstyles.  Even though it didn’t really fit in with the whole white-girl-from-the-suburbs look, I really wanted rainbow hair.  However, I wasn’t nearly rebellious enough to ask my parents if it was ok, so I had light brown hair all through high school.

Recently, colorful hair has become much more mainstream (and socially acceptable).  Hipsters all over are dyeing portions of their hair in all colors of the rainbow.  Here are a few of my favorites…

I’ve been thinking about dying my hair like this for a while and on Friday the stars aligned.  My roommate and I decided not to go out and were sitting around, trying to come up with something to do.  Obviously, we decided to run to Walgreens, pick up some hair dye (and snacks, duh), and dye our hair.  She went with black, and I picked out the brightest blue I could find.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m still experimenting with hairstyles, but I really love it so far!

I used Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Hair Kit, in “Blue Envy” from Walgreens.  It can be found online here or in stores.

Tips and Tricks:

Even though the dye package says to leave the dye on for only an hour, I decided to wrap up my hair and sleep with the dye in.  This’ll make the color last longer without fading.

Don’t wear a shirt you actually care about.  Mine now has blue splattered all over.

Don’t shampoo right after dyeing.  You want to give the dye at least some time to set.

The color will continue to run for at least a few shampoos after you dye it.  I only dyed my hair a few days ago, so I’m not sure how long it’ll take to stop dripping colors when wet.

Oh yeah, and have fun.  I guess that’s pretty important too.

Faking It: Cable Knit Scarf

Something about winter makes scarves, especially knitted scarves, absolutely irresistible to me.  Wrapping myself up in a warm, wooly knit scarf makes going out in the cold almost enjoyable.  When I go into shops, I often head straight for the accessory section and start trying on the scarves, but I never buy them because I know how to knit.  I’m not a pro or anything, but I just can’t bring myself to buy something that I could make myself.

Most of the time, I don’t actually end up making the scarf that I want, but occasionally I find myself with enough time to buy yarn and start a new project.

I’ve been eyeing this scarf from urban outfitters for a while now.  It’s really soft and cozy and warm… basically everything I might ever want in a scarf, but I haven’t bought it because it’s a pretty simple pattern and I could easily knit it myself.

BDG Cable Knit Scarf in Grey, Ivory, and Purple: Urban Outfitters

However, because I’m currently on winter break and have an abundance of free time (which I should probably be using to apply for internships for the summer…), I decided to actually trek out to Joann Fabrics and buy some yarn.  I found a bulky weight wool/acrylic blend yarn that’s nice and soft, and I started putting together a pattern.  It’s actually incredibly simple and is going pretty quickly.  Here’s my progress so far:

The pattern that I made up goes something like this:

Materials:  2-3 balls Bernat Roving Yarn (or something like it) and size 10 1/2 straight knitting needles

Gauge:  Does anyone actually care about the gauge?  I usually just YOLO it


1.  Cast on 30 stitches

2.  Knit 1, Purl 1 for the first 7, then knit 16 stitches, then K1,P1 for the last 7

3.  K1P1 for the first 7, purl 16 stitches, then K1,P1 for the last 7

4-7.  Repeat steps 1 and 2

8.  K,1P1 for the first 7, put 4 stitches onto a cable needle (spare circular needles work pretty well too) and pull to back.  K4, then knit the 4 stitches off the cable needle/circular needle.  Put the next 4 stitches on the cable needle and pull to the front, then K4.  Knit the 4 stitches off the cable needle, then K1,P1 for the rest of the row.

9.  K1,P1 for the first 7, purl 16 stitches, then K1,P1 for the last 7

10.  Repeat steps 2-9 for the rest of the scarf and cast off.

11.  I’m going to add tassels to mine eventually, but I haven’t gotten there yet…

TADA.  That’s about it.  Pretty simple, huh?