I don’t want to have a real bio, so here is a collection of unrelated factoids about my life.

I think biology is incredibly beautiful.

My room generally looks like it was recently hit by a very small, clothing-scattering tornado.

I take pictures with a Nikon D3100, an iPhone, or maybe, if I’m lucky, my Nikon N70 (35mm film camera).

I drink 4-5 cups of coffee on an average day.

Pictures of baby animals get me every time.

Sleep deprivation is pretty much a constant state of being.

I’m that kid sitting on the quad with my headphones in writing/doodling/drawing in a little black notebook.

I love me a good sweater.

Sometimes I fall asleep in class, but I always feel bad about it.

None of my friends know about this blog or if they do, they haven’t told me they’ve found it.

I knit people scarves for Christmas presents.

I’m a big fan of concerts.

Sometimes when I drop food on the floor I eat it anyway.


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