Colorful Braided Bracelet

Somehow, crafting always manages to cheer me up.  There’s something incredibly calming about making something and  sometimes, you end up with a pretty cool finished product.  I also am a bit of a bracelet fanatic (i am currently wearing 9 bracelets and my wrists feel naked).  Combining my need for a mental break and my love for bracelets, I decided to share a how-to on one of my favorite bracelets to make.

This is a really, really simple DIY for a braided hemp and embroidery thread bracelet.  It should take about 15-20 minutes max… short and sweet.

Materials:  Hemp Cord, Embroidery Floss, Scissors, Safety Pin


1.  Cut pieces of embroidery floss of various colors and lengths (they should be between 3-6 inches long).  I cut 7 pieces of various colors, but you can use as many or as few colors as you want.

2.  Cut four15 inch pieces of the hemp cord and tie together, leaving about 3 inches slack.  Attach a pin or tape to the knot and secure.  I like pinning my bracelets to the leg of my pants… but that’s just me.

3.  Separate the strands into 3 groups (one will have 2 strands) and braid for about half an inch.

4.  Add in your first color of embroidery floss.  I found that the best way to do this is to lay it on top of one of the strands and just start braiding.  I also leave about a half inch sticking out of the top… it can be trimmed off later.

5.  Add in additional colors as you go.

6.  When the embroidery floss gets a bit short or if you get close to the length you want, start decreasing the colors.  Do this by separating the floss from the hemp and not braiding the rest of the floss into the bracelet.

7.  When you’ve finished all the colors, braid about a half inch of plain hemp, then tie it off.  Trim the ends to about 3 inches and snip off the tails of floss that will be sticking up all over.

Tie your bracelet on or give it to a friend!  Wasn’t that easy?


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