Lately, some really artistic and stylized typography has been popping up all over the internet.  I’ve seen examples on a Pinterest, Tumblr, and a few of my favorite blogs.  A few days ago, HonestlyWTF posted about a series of “Daily Dishonesty” images created by NYC graphic designer Lauren Hom.  They’re really cool, and I especially love the stylish, simple designs.  Here’s a few examples:

I also took a look through my quotes board on Pinterest and found a few of my favorite typographically focused quotes.

Inspired by all of these great examples, I started sketching.  I pretty much always have a notebook of some sort on me for writing/drawing/doodling.  It’s also a fantastic way to look like you’re paying attention in lecture when you’re actually not.  After sketching out a few words, I scanned it onto my computer and cleaned it up in photoshop.  I also added some color and a few little accents.  Mine is not nearly as good as those done by professionals, but I think it’s passable.  It was also pretty fun.  Guess I’ve found a new way to procrastinate!


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