Honey Almond Ginger Oatmeal

The other day, I went to the grocery store.  That probably sounds incredibly boring and humdrum, but for a college kid, the grocery store is a big deal.  The closest grocery store to my dorm is still nearly a mile away, and of course I walked there in the cold–how else would I get myself there?  I went because I needed some food for my room (meal plans don’t cover everything!).  Grocery shopping is scary.  When I go, I almost feel like a real, grown-up person, and I’m not ready for that yet.  At this point, I’m counting down the last few months of being a teenager… eek.  Also, sometimes you find jars of pickled pigs feet.  That one kinda grossed me out.

Well, anyway, whenever I go grocery shopping, I always end up with at least one impulse buy.  Today it was a package of crystallized ginger.  Lemme just say, I absolutely love ginger.  When I get sushi, I actually eat the pink slivers of pickled ginger that come with it.  Ginger’s not for everyone though.  I tried feeding some to my roommate and she said it tasted like soap.

This morning, I (as usual) missed breakfast at my dorm and instead decided to make some tasty oatmeal.  I’m not a big fan of plain oatmeal, but add a lot of stuff to it, and it’s one of the best breakfasts ever.  Today, I added honey, almonds, and a few pieces of my newly purchased crystallized ginger.


1.  Make oatmeal.  Because I live in a dorm, I used instant oatmeal, but real oatmeal would work just as well.

2.  Drizzle honey on your oatmeal.  Generously.

3.  Drop in a handful of almonds, preferably not salted or flavored in any way.

4.  Put in a few pieces of crystallized ginger.  The sugar on the ginger ends up melting off and flavoring the rest of the oatmeal.

5.  Mix it all together.  It looks a lot prettier when it’s not mixed, but it tastes better when everything’s all blended together.

6.  Enjoy!


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