Snapshots–Back on Campus

I just got back to school after spending three weeks at home doing some combination of sleeping, working, crafting, reading, hanging with my family, and generally relaxing as much as humanly possible.  Today, I had my first day of classes for the semester, and I’m loving being back on campus.

The first week of the new semester is generally known as “syllabus week”, because it’s used by most professors to hand out the syllabus and discuss in detail everything on it.  Today, I spent two hours learning about course policies, grading scales, etc (my other two classes don’t start meeting until next week…yay).  Syllabus week is one of the best parts of the semester.  The professors don’t really give homework, labs don’t start up until a few weeks into the semester, and no one is studying for exams.  It’s basically a great excuse to just catch up with friends and hang out at college without the pressure of studying/homework/etc.

Another benefit is that I generally have a bit of extra time to do things like go out and shoot (pictures, not people).  Because it was beautiful out today, I grabbed my camera and walked around campus a bit this afternoon.  On most Mondays, I won’t be able to do this because I have a physics lab scheduled from 4-7, so I decided to take advantage.  Here’s what I came up with:

I really love the way the light looks just before sunset.  The golden glow of late afternoon makes everything look good.


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